Monday 19 October 2015

WEANING: Nuby has everything you could ever need!

There aren't many brands out there that offer pretty much everything you could need for weaning, other than the food itself - however Nuby is one of those brands that does! They have an extensive range of products, from bottles to teethers to bibs to toys to weaning. It's a brand you can trust and rely on for your every baby need. We have been using a lot of their weaning products with Isabella and they've been a big success, as well as making certain aspects of weaning easier. 
The Nuby Nibbler* (£3.99) is an innovative product that allows babies to discover food themselves but takes away the risk of choking. As I've said before on here, we are doing a combination of baby led and parent led weaning. The baby led weaning is really important for us, but doesn't come without a big dose of worry attached. Choking is a real risk when weaning babies, so anything that reduces this risk is an essential in my opinion. The Nibbler can be filled with fruit and vegetables, or even frozen fruit/ice for teething babies. It allows babies to discover new flavours when they are starting their weaning journey.
You can never have too many food pots in my eyes - I am constantly making up different purees and needing to freeze them. Some nights I've made 5 different purees in one go, therefore needing over 20 different pots! The Nuby 4x Stackable Bowls and Lids* (£3.29) are an ideal size for freezing individual portions. Once the purees are frozen I've been quickly dunking the pot into hot boiled water to loosen the edges, then popping out the frozen block of puree and placing it into a resealable sandwich bag.
I've also begun to make proper little meals, ready for when Isabella is properly into this weaning journey. These include salmon pasta, chicken and lentil bake and plaice with cheese and tomatoes. The problem with these is that I'm a vegetarian and don't want test their temperature by putting them on my lips after I've heated them up. So these Nuby Hot Safe Spoons* (3 pack for £2.49) are just what I need to test the temperature without having to touch/taste the meat/fish myself. The spoons have a soft tip that changes colour when Isabella's food is too hot, they're also long enough to be used with jars and pots. If it's a vegetarian puree I've been using the Nuby Weaning & Feeding Spoons* (6 pack for £3.99), which are standard spoons that also have long and easy grip handles.

As recommended we've been offering Isabella water with her meals, which we've done in a variety of ways. Sometimes we give it to her in a cup, standard beaker or Nuby Designer Easy Grip Beaker* (£3.99). This beaker has a no-spill feature and soft flex silicone spout that helps to teach children to drink independently. Isabella has got on better with this one than others we've tried, she just seems pretty fussy when it comes to what she drinks from! I think she likes this beaker because it's a similar shape to a bottle, which she has no problem feeding herself with. 
Nuby have a range of really fun yet practical weaning bibs - Roly Poly Bibs* (£4.49) which are available in a Tiger or Monkey. The bright, colourful designs really appealed to Isabella and their flexible nature meaning you can roll up it up appeals to me. It's really lightweight and is dishwasher friendly for further convenience. 

Which beaker did your little one like drinking from the most?

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Helen x
Family Fever


  1. I love that bib! We've used the Nuby weaning spoons - if you're jar feeding, the long handles are especially useful. My little one was a bit fussy with cups too, she preferred the ones that had straws in the end x

  2. I love Nuby products, our babies are similar in age from what I we're starting the weaning journey too. I need to get another one of those net holders, they are fab, I also have the fear with BLW about choking it fills me with dread! Popping over from #maternitymondays

  3. we had the net thingy when Boo was a baby but G isn't too keen. I must say though, the spoons are THE best. I bought more in Aldi yesterday!! #MaternityMondays

  4. I loved nuby while weaning and still love them! Such a great brand #maternitymondays xx

  5. We are big Nuby fans and I am about to buy the Nibbler ready for weaning! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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