Tuesday 17 November 2015

BABY: Winter Skin Care with Bepanthen

Entering the colder months is full of cosy days wrapped up, warming meals and turning the heating on. As enjoyable as all of these things are it can have an impact on baby's sensitive skin. The increased number of clothing layers, heating and constantly going between the cold outside into a warm environment can all contribute to babies having irritated skin...not what anyone wants! I don't know about you but my skin gets so dry during autumn/winter resulting in changes in my skincare routine, so it's not surprising babies suffer with their skin too. 

Nicola Joseph, a Health Visitor and Paediatric Nurse, has offered her top five winter skincare tips for babies. I found these tips very helpful, especially as there are some slightly surprising skin issues to be aware of during autumn/winter. 

1) Just like everything else, babies are more sensitive to temperature changes than us adults are making getting them dressed appropriately slightly trickier. Layering is key, as they can easily be removed depending on where you are. 

2) Heat rash is something most people would consider during the hotter months, but it's not exclusively a summer issues. Babies are susceptible to heat rash during winter due from too many clothes/blankets, being swaddled or being wrapped up in the same position for a longer period of time (like a car seat). Breathable, natural fibres can help to reduce babies risk of heat rash and trying to ensure they only have cotton next to their skin. 

3) When babies are first born we are all told to not bath them very often as it dries their skin out. However months past, messy play and weaning begin and the number of baths per week increases. During winter Nicola recommends keeping bath time to two or three times a week, particularly when your baby is still very young. If their skin is still feeling dry after bath time then applying a 'free from' moisturiser, such as the Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser* (£4.89 from Boots) which has a mild gentle formula that has been developed specifically for newborn babies or those with extra sensitive skin.

4) Using a gentle, fragrance free fabric wash and conditioner when washing your babies clothes will help to keep their clothes feeling soft against their skin. This is particularly important during the winter months when they are more likely to be covered up for most of the day and night. 

5) Sun cream isn't something that is usually associated with winter, but if the sun is shining your baby needs to be protected. The Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream with SPF 50+ (£7.99 from Boots) has a gentle mild formula that is free from colours, fragrance, parabens and other preservatives. I keep a tube in my changing bag, so it's always ready for those lucky but rare sunny winter days.

Has your little ones skin been effected by the cooler weather?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x


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  1. Yep, Matilda has suddenly got eczema behind her knees - sticking to cotton (rather than fleece) babygrows and slathering her in coconut oil has helped. I've always had dry, itchy skin in the winter so, luckily, I have some idea of what to do but it's horrible to think they might be itchy and unable to tell us.


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