Wednesday 18 November 2015

BABY: So many cute Christmas clothes...

While I've been searching for festive additions to Isabella's wardrobe I've come across so many options, all just as cute as each other. I thought I'd put together a collection of festive baby clothes, grouped into their similar themes for you to see what's out there too. I can't wait to get the Christmas jumpers out for Isabella, though I'm being controlled and holding off until December!


Reindeer Stripy Babygrow

Reindeer Outfit

Knitted Romper

Tu-Tu Dress

Mrs Claus Outfit

Elf Outfit

Christmas Jumper


Festive Dress





Tights and Socks

Have you got your little one any festive clothes this year?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
Let's Talk Mommy

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  1. I've restrained myself and not bought too much for James. A couple of Jojo Maman sleepsuits (I couldn't resist the London scene Christmas one) and a little Santa t-shirt. But I haven't looked in Sainsburys - I love the knitted pudding romper. I think Rompers look so cute!

  2. There's so many cute Christmas baby clothes around! I swear they get better every year!

    Anna //

  3. omg!! I love the mrs clause outfits. TOO cute! It will be Summer here during Christmas so we won't get to dress up in anything like these. We have a couple christmas themed short sleeved bodysuits though.

    Melanie | melanie.sylvia

  4. oh wow so many adorable picks here I love the tutu all in ones and the mrs clause dresses too cute! #TT_Thursday

  5. Awww some amazingly cute outfits on there. Guess I better get shopping :)

  6. bloody hell!! Brilliant selection!!! xxx

  7. Fantastic selection - I think I like the Christmas pudding suit best.

  8. wow, what a great selection of outfits. They are all soo cute. When my son was a baby we dressed him as an elf for his first christmas and he had a santa outfit too. Last year it was all about the christmas jumpers and with any luck they will still fit him this year. Like you, I am desperate to dress him all christmassy but waiting until December xx #TheList

  9. Oh my effing G I want a baby reindeer for xmas!!!!! Our baby was only 2 weeks old a halloween and we dressed her up as a pumpkin, it would make sense for her to go dressed up in costume for xmas too!! #thelist

  10. So much cute! :D My mother-in-law got us a Mrs Claus dress for Marianna so we dressed her up in it for the local Christmas light switch on. She refused point blank to wear the accompanying santa hat though... #thelist

  11. OMG, there is SO much to choose from. I am very fond of the Rebecca two piece dress set from Joules (its nothing to do with having my name in either!) haha. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  12. There really is SOO much more out than when I had my son for the holidays. I was searching everywhere for just one outfit now you can go the whole month of December all festive. lol these are great finds. Thank you for stopping by LTM and linking up to SWM. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme

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