Sunday 29 November 2015

GIFT INSPIRATION: Miles Kelly #GiveTheGiftOf Book Bundles

Reading to Isabella is one of my favourite activities, it's bonding time away from technology and other distractions. Before bed every night either my husband or I read Isabella a book and I treasure that time so much. Walking past her bedroom and seeing my husband reading to our daughter makes me heart burst with love. So it's probably not surprising that books are right up at the top of Isabella's wishlist this Christmas!

Miles Kelly have a Christmas campaign called #GiveTheGiftOf - based around giving children the gift of reading this Christmas. Reading is so beneficial for children, whether it be someone reading to them or them reading alone. Miles Kelly have created some fantastic book bundles that have up to an impressive 60% off RRP for a limited time only! Making giving the gift of reading easier this Christmas.

One of these book bundles is the Early Learning Gift Set* (£20), which contains My Big Book of ABC 123, Learn to Write and First Fun Flashcards Set. You can buy just the Flashcards for £18 from the Miles Kelly website, so this is an incredible deal!
 Flashcards are a brilliant way of making learning fun. You can play many games with them, such as 'find the missing card', a treasure hunt, ordering game, finding other items around the house which have the same colour/number/letter/animal etc. You could also attach these flashcards to string to make a wall display, allowing children to play/learn independently.
My Big Book of ABC 123 is filled with beautiful illustrations, activities and fun ways for children to practise the alphabet and counting. I love how interactive the Miles Kelly books are, they really help children learn without realising they are!
Learn to Write is a wipeable book, so it can be used over and over again. There is a chance to practise writing letters and numbers by following dot-to-dot and then freehand. The illustrations helps to reinforce children's understanding of the letters/numbers. 
Are you planning on #GivingTheGiftOf reading this Christmas?

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Helen x

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  1. I struggle to give anything other than books as presents! It's so much easier to find the perfect book than the perfect anything else!

    I was actually looking for kids' books with strong female characters a while back and found "My Name Is Not Isabella" which immediately made me think of you. :-)


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