Saturday 16 July 2016

TODDLER STYLE: A week of outfits #50

This week has been a lot more positive than last week - with some good news about a relative who isn't very well, changes at work and far less tantrums! Thursday seems to be Isabella's worst day of the week, with tantrum after tantrum, however hard I try to make the day nice and fun. I'm not sure if it's because it's the first day of the week she's not at nursery, or that she gets so overtired from being at nursery for three days that I get the brunt of that? Who knows. She's also continued to wake up in the night with the most horrendous screams. One night this week we couldn't settle her until 9pm (Thursday night in fact), which hasn't happened since she was very little. I'm not sure if she's at an age where this happens, but we aren't in a Wonder Weeks thunderstorm so I'm at a loss as to why.

Day 1

Floral skirt - JoJo Maman Bebe - similar here
Navy tights - Aldi - £3 for 2 pack

Day 2
Floral blouse - Mini Club at Boots - £10
Purple leggings - Mini Club at Boots - £3
Stripy bib - Next - similar here

Day 3
Tropical jumpsuit - bluezoo at Debenhams - similar here
Blue cardigan - H&M - similar here

How's your week been?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x

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  1. Friends whose toddlers go to nursery part-time all say the same thing: the first day off, their kid is clingy and prone to tantrums. M and I used to meet two different kids their first day after nursery each week but we've recently pushed both back by a day because they so clearly just needed some time alone with their parents (what a garbled sentence - I hope that made sense!). Fingers crossed things get calmer as she gets more used to her new routine. x

  2. Poor Isabella, Lewis use to be exactly the same when he was tired from a few days at nursery. Was a little devil for me on a Wednesday and sweetness and light for his daddy on the Thursday - little pest! Fab outfits, thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle

  3. These are such lovely outfits - really nice and bright. Our little one comes home from
    nursery grumpy because he wears himself out x

  4. Peter Pan Collar are our favourite! Love them so much and they really do add to an outfit! Great style choices xx #WeekendTotStyle xx

  5. Could be the change in routine. Toddlers are a funny species so it could be anything really haha! I know with Little I she'll randomly decide to have a strange day where no matter what I do it's wrong, with no rhyme or reason, so I just try to take them as they come 🙈 Hope she's in a better mood this week bless her ♥️ Loving all the floral prints in this week's outfits and really loving the jumpsuit - what a gorgeous print! Thanks so much for linking up lovey :) #weekendtotstyle


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