Friday 9 September 2016

GIFT INSPIRATION: 80 Memories for 80th Birthday

This year sees my husband's Grandparents turn 80, what an achievement! I can only imagine all of the changes they've seen, witnessed and memories they've created over the years. For their birthdays we wanted to give them something really special that could bring them happiness for week's to come. They have everything they could ever want, so we wanted to avoid material objects for their 80th. This is when we came up with the idea of giving them 80 envelopes filled with an array of special for each year of their life.

Firstly, that may sound like a lot but once you split it up between family and friends we were only left with 5 or 6 to do ourselves. We ordered airmail envelopes, just because we thought they were pretty and got contacting his Grandparents family and friends. Anything that could fit into the envelopes was welcome, such as photos, letters, memories, postcard, drawings, or scribbles in Isabella's case. Anything that would make them smile, remind them of happy times and remind them of everything they have to be thankful for.
Over a few weeks I collected them together, popped the notes/letters/photos etc. into the airmail envelopes. I spent ages deliberating about how to number them, whether to buy stickers, stamp them or hand write them. We finally settled on stamping the numbers onto each envelope using gold, copper and silver ink (we used this ink pad from Hobbycraft). Using stickers would have become very expensive and the pressure of hand writing them was too much!
After collecting 80 memories into envelopes I bundled them together with string, which you can see in the first photo. You could then wrap them up, but we decided to leave them like that. You could do this for any age birthday, it's such a personal and special gift the lucky recipient can treasure forever.
What are your favourite gift ideas for Grandparents?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x

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  1. This sounds lovely! My Gran is turning 90 in a few weeks so I might suggest this to my family as a gift idea :)

  2. I unfortunately don't have any grandparents but my husbands nan turned 100 in July and we had a massive party for her with lots of old photos blown up decorating the venue. She loved it xx


  3. What an absolutely beautiful and lovely idea! This is definitely going on tomorrow's #PicknMix linky as my favourite post this week. Thanks for linking lovely,

    Stevie x

  4. I love this idea. Will have to remember for next year.


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