Wednesday 7 September 2016

TODDLER CRAFT: Masking Tape Painting

As Isabella grows older I am really enjoying doing more craft activities with her, though they aren't completely stress free. In fact if I don't prepare correctly they can be one of the most stressful activities to do...yet I like doing them. Why? As long as there is a messy mat down, plenty of space and protective clothing we are good to go with a painting activity. One that has been a success recently was masking tape painting - so simple yet effective. The paintings would make lovely gifts or sent with a special message to a Grandparent/friend/family member.

What you'll need:
Masking tape
White card
Paint brush
Paint pots

What to do:
1) Cut the masking tape into the shape you'd like the end picture to be and press it onto your piece of card. You may have to do this in several sections as masking tape is only a certain width.
2) Once you're happy with the masking tape image you can start with the painting. We were painting a daffodil, so I opted for red, orange and yellow paint. Acrylic paint works better because it's thicker and often more pigmented, but poster paint would work too. Your child can enjoy completely covering the piece of card with paint strokes and it doesn't matter if the paint goes over the masking tape.
3) You should end up with something like this! Now you need to let it dry completely.
4) The last job to do is to peel off the masking tape to reveal your picture.
What are your favourite painting activities to do with your children?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x



  1. This is such a great idea. I can't wait to do this stuff with Maddie. Unfortunately everything still goes straight into her mouth!

  2. Such a lovely activity for young kids and it looks really effective! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  3. We love doing this! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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