Friday 4 August 2017

#LITTLELOVES: First Outfit, Maize Maze and All the Mud!

Happy Friday everyone! How are we into August already? You wouldn't guess it looking out of the window, but I have to be honest I've been loving these cooler days. It's been a busy week with lots of blogging to do, gifts to order and a very needy baby (thunderstorm development leap I'm looking at you). A productive one nonetheless and I'm starting to feel a bit more 'on top of things' again! 

The map and clues around a Maize Maze. We visited a Maize Maze at the weekend, which we had also been to last year but Isabella had been a bit too young to understand. The maize was so much taller this year, you really couldn't see anything other than the path ahead! So reading the map was vital, along with the clues to the puzzle dotted around the maze. Isabella loved running around the maze (often in the opposite direction to us) and soon got so tired she had to go on her Daddy's shoulders. The perfect place to take children if you want to tire them out that's for sure.  
Show Jumping at Heckington Show. On Sunday we braved the rainy weather and visited Heckington Show (the largest village show in England), which is always so much fun. Though this year we were faced with mud and a lot of it! People that had turned up with flip flops on were opting to go barefoot it was that bad, with mud completely covering people's shoes and splashing everywhere. Luckily by mid-morning it was really warm sunshine making it a lovely day to watch show jumping, monster trucks and having a wander around the stalls.  

Singing of songs. We went to our first ever Rhyme Time at a library not too far away from us, which is a free music class for children 0-5 years. I had been meaning to visit for a while, but not been brave enough as it's in a village I hadn't driven to before. The rain this week led me to pluck up the courage to drive there and Isabella enjoyed it, so it was worth it. We sang many songs, learnt actions and then read books in the children's reading area.  I'd recommend checking out if your local library runs the class; it's a good free activity to keep the children entertained.

Pottery Painting. On Wednesday I met up with a mummy friend to go pottery painting, something I loved doing when Isabella was a baby. Back then I did a plate with Isabella's handprints, footprints and birth details (weight, size, name, time, date). It is such a special moment captured, those tiny hands and feet that aren't so tiny now. I was keen to try and do the same thing with Poppy because the mum guilt if I hadn't would have been too much. I did Isabella's plate when she was 7 weeks old, so as Poppy turned 7 weeks on Wednesday it was the perfect time to go. Poppy fell asleep in the Fornessi wrap on the way to the studio, which meant I could paint in peace to start with. Absolute bliss. Then we managed to get some really good prints captured - I'm so happy to have managed to get it done and now can't wait to pick them up once they're fired.
Poppy's first outfit. I've been putting Poppy in babygrows everyday since she was born because I've learnt from last time to really relish these newborn days. They grow up too quickly as it is, so she'll still be in sleepsuits most of the time but at the weekend I felt like a change and put her in a little outfit. A pair of JoJo Maman Bebe leggings paired with this cute Peter Pan collar top from GAP (currently in the sale for £7.99); she looks so grown up!

Yesterday I had a lovely day with Isabella and Poppy, which was a surprise because Isabella woke up in a very emotional mood to say the least! We played for hours in Isabella's bedroom, something we don't do enough and then wandered to a new café that's opened up locally. We enjoyed cake, milk, tea and a good old two year old chat - topics covered included me telling her what everything she pointed at was, the contents of her teacake, how windy it was outside and a discussion on how she could best drink her milk with the straw. 

What have you been loving this week?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x
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  1. It sounds like you have had a lovely week. The maze looks like fun and I love pottery painting too x

  2. How cute is this first outfit!? We do love Gap too and your crafting time looks quite relaxing

  3. Aww it sounds like you've had a lovely week. I love Poppy's new outfit and I would be thrilled to get that plate back too. And I remember those "what's that" days with BattleKid all too well. We sometimes forget we have to teach our children so much x

  4. Poppy's outfit is adorable! We used to be big fans of Rhyme Time too when my son was smaller x

  5. I know, August already, this year has totally flown by, before you know it Christmas is upon us.

  6. Sounds as though you had a lovely week. Pottery painting sounds like something I'd like to do, I'll have a look to see if there is anything nearby me. Thank for the idea. 😊

  7. The maize maze sounds great. Would love to do one of those.

  8. I've seen maize mazes advertised but never been to one :( I remember those early days of sticking with vests and babygrows (sigh...broody...)

  9. I used to love rhyme time at the library with my eldest, it was one of the highlights of our week x

  10. Aww look at her in her first outfit. I know what you mean about keeping them in babygrows for aslong as possible. We've been loving the beach this week x


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