Monday 18 February 2019

TRAVEL: 31 Top Tips for a Stay at Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales

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I recently shared all about why we fell in love with Bluestone in Wales, so I thought I'd now share some of my top tips/recommendations if you are planning or have booked a holiday there. We absolutely loved our stay and there were so many incredible experiences, moments and memories made during our stay. As our holiday approached I spent hours searching the internet for reviews, tips, recommendations and blog posts all about Bluestone so I could be as prepared as possible, which is why I wanted to put together this post sharing my top tips. 

  1. Order a Click & Collect food order from either Tesco in Haverfordwest or Carmarthen.
  2. Take your own kitchen roll and extra toilet roll (you're given one per bathroom).
  3. A baby carrier (we have the Ergobaby 360 and would highly recommend it) for swimming makes life easier, as it can fit in the lockers. 
  4. Don't take a travel cot or highchair - there is one of each already in the lodges.
  5. Do take your own bedding/sheet for the travel cot if you're going to use it.
  6. If you forget swimming nappies don't panic, they had free ones at the Blue Lagoon.
  7. Bring your own swimming towels for the Blue Lagoon.
  8. If you don't plan to hire a golf buggy then bring your own scooter or bike for children.
  9. Take your own non-stick frying pans and/or non-stick greaseproof paper if you're planning on cooking.
  10. There is a DVD player in the Gateholm Lodge (there may be in others too), so bring DVDs for any emergency/early morning entertainment.
  11. Take sturdy footwear suitable for a range of terrains.
  12. Don't take an umbrella, as there is a large one in the lodge available for you to use.
  13. Use a baby float when at the Blue Lagoon with younger babies/younger toddlers, so that they can float around the lazy river and enjoy the wave machine safely.
  14. There isn't a washing machine in the Gateholm lodge, so be prepared with enough clothes.
  15. Take a MAM Self-Sterilising Bottle, as it can be sterilised in the microwave easily.
  16. Book any activities you want to do in advance as they do get booked up.
  17. Visit the Blue Lagoon between 9am-12pm, as it is exclusive use for guests during those times and then it is open to the public.
  18. Ask for two key cards when checking-in, so that if you visit separate places during the stay one of you won't be stuck waiting outside the lodge.
  19. Visit Tenby and/or Saundersfoot beach during your stay, which are about 15-20 minutes outside of Bluestone.
  20. Grab a takeaway drink from the Café in the Adventure Centre and then visit the Circus Zone, if you have younger children. There is seating in for adults to relax, while the children play happily.
  21. Check out time is 10am, but you can stay on-site until 3pm so take advantage of this.
  22. The standard WiFi (you can pay more for premium) is quite slow, so take advantage of this and turn off technology.
  23. Once you've booked your stay you'll receive an email once a week giving you the opportunity to book activities in advance and they count down to your holiday, which is exciting!
  24. Download the Bluestone App for maps, opening times and information all about the resort. 
  25. Make the most of Lola the Ladybird that visits the Adventure Centre throughout the day with her fun music and free modelled balloons for children. 
  26. If you do book a golf buggy don't forget your driving licence.
  27. Leave the hair dryer at home, as the lodge has one.
  28. We both had phone signal and 4G in our lodge (Presli View 26) with GiffGaff and O2.
  29. Keep an eye on the messages on the television in the lodge, as it is one way Bluestone staff communicate with their guests. We had a message saying that The Chippy was going to be shut one night due to the snow and there is also information about checking-out too.
  30. Recycle while there and then dispose of your rubbish/recycling in the commercial bins provided along the roads throughout the resort.
  31. Visit before your children start school, as prices do increase during school holidays.
If you are heading to Bluestone soon then I hope you have an amazing time - I'm almost certain you will! 

What are your top tips for holidays in the UK?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. I keep hearing great things about this place, but I hadn't seen any photos until I saw your post. It looks so much more lovely than I'd imagined. Thanks for the handy list. Exactly what you need when you're in packing mode. Wouldn't have thought to bring a driving licence for golf buggy! X

    1. Yes you do need to take your driving licence if you're hiring a golf buggy - they did look like a lot of fun :)

  2. Great tips. We're going again in September and I cannot wait. Its my favourite family-friendly resort in the UK.


  4. Great tips. I think it is always difficult not to pack too much when self catering with a family. There seem to be more coloured houses in Tenby. Lovely photos.

  5. Great tips - we LOVE Bluestone, so much for the kids to do

  6. Lovely read and what great tips you have here. Bluestone looks beautiful- never heard of it but now I just wanna go there

  7. We went when I was heavily pregnant with our second and o would love to go back now with both boys. Although with the eldest at school we are limited on timeframes. Great tips x

  8. Love your tips here. So useful. I am badly in need of some holiday somewhere. Need to make plans.

  9. These are great tips and something I will keep as a guideline whenever I finally get overseas. This sounds like a great place to visit!

  10. This sounds so lovely and if it was easier for me to get there I would go in a heartbeat! Gorgeous photos as always.

  11. Beautiful photos of a lovely place, I love the colourful houses! This will be super useful for anyone visiting

  12. This looks so pretty and it's not somewhere I've heard about before but I'll have to check it out. And,what a handy list.

  13. I have heard such fantastic things about Bluestone this is such a useful resource for those thinking about a stay there.


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