Wednesday 20 March 2019

DIY PROJECT: A very Easy Floral Hoop Tutorial for any Occasion

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Floral hoops have been around for a while now and their beauty, versatility and stylish touch has always made them appeal to me. I wish I had been aware of them when we got married almost five years ago because I would have had them hanging from anywhere and everywhere! I have many boards on Pinterest filled with Flower/Floral hoop inspiration, however up until recently had never really considered trying to make one myself. They look so intricate and detailed, with the positioning of the flowers being so important to the finished look. I presumed the craft was best left to skilled florists or artists. However, I couldn't have been more wrong and with a little help from a glue gun and all of artificial flowers I have created an array of floral hoops suitable for any occasion.
I promise you I had never attempted to make one of these before, so with no prior experience and just a lot of beautiful photographs in Pinterest to go with I decided to try and keep things more on the simple side. Easier said than done when faced with a box of beautiful (and very real looking) artificial flowers and embroidery hoops from Hobbycraft. It is the one stop shop that has everything you will need to create your own floral hoop, making the preparations for this DIY that bit easier. I was also really impressed with their range of artificial flowers and plants they had online because to create the type of floral hoops I have you'll need a range of greenery and pretty flowers.
So whether you are an experienced crafter or just fancy making something for the first time then this is the tutorial for you. It's easy, requires minimal equipment and the results speak for themselves. You could make a floral hoop to go in your child's bedroom, even adding their initials/name into the middle for an added personal touch, for weddings, to hang on the back of the Bride and Groom's chairs, for parties, special occasions etc. The options truly are endless!
What you'll need:
Glue gun
A range of artificial flowers; I ordered the following from Hobbycraft:
A range of different sized Embroidery Hoops or whichever size suits for DIY; I used these:
Wire Cutters
What to do:
1) To start with separate out all of your flowers out and have a think about what you want the floral hoop to look like. I used Pinterest a lot for inspiration, but it could be magazines, books or even somewhere you've seen them hanging in real life.
2) Once you've decided on the flowers you want to use, which ones work together well and/or fit in with your colour scheme then you can use the wire cutters to cut off the stems. You need to do this will all of the flowers and then with the greenery (like the eucalyptus) you want to cut off groups of stems that you think will look nice together. I think the secret to creating a beautiful floral hoop (with my very limited experience) is having an array of greenery in the background and then layering on different plants/flowers on top to add colour and dimension.
3) Set you embroidery hoop of choice out on a table and arrange your cut flowers/plants in the position you would like them to be. Plug in your glue gun to warm up.
4) Once you're happy with the arrangement then you can start gluing everything down with your glue gun. I started with the eucalyptus at the back of the arrangement, gluing it directly onto the wooden embroidery hoop. It's also a good idea to try and manipulate some of the blobs of hot glue to go over the top of the stems, as well as underneath, just to make sure they are completely secure. Leave to dry for a minute or so and then continue with the next flower/plant, gradually building them up until you have your finished arrangement.
5) Leave it to completely dry on a flat surface and then they are ready to display; it really is that easy!
6) For an added detail, if you are making these for a wedding, is to attach wooden Mr and Mrs words inside each of the hoop. These would then make beautiful additions to hang off the back of the Bride and Groom's chairs or above the cake table etc. I've used the Ginger Ray Mr and Mrs Chair Signs 2 Pack from Hobbycraft because the Mrs is the perfect size for use in the 12 inch wooden embroidery hoop. The Mr is a bit smaller, so you could either have it hanging down into the centre or before adding flowers open up the hoop and fix in a thin strip of material/hessian across the middle of the hoop. Then glue on the flowers/plants as usual and later attach the Mr to the material.
Do you enjoy a little DIY project?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. I keep meaning to try and make my own garland or flower hoop, such an elegant and simple way to dress up any room or event.

  2. That looks really simple and really beautiful. A great idea that can be done in lots of ways.

  3. Oh these are gorgeous, what a wonderful idea. I may have to try and get creative and make one of these.

  4. Those flowers look very realistic. I’d love to have a go at making one

  5. What a great way to use up a load of old embroidery hoops I have - I must have a go

  6. This is amazing it looks like something you would buy from a high end shop. You must have been thrilled with the final product, Pinterest is perfect for getting inspiration like this, a perfect idea for mother’s day too

  7. These are pretty cute would work well at loads of events too. I have a place near me called country baskets that has a great range of artificial flowers.

  8. Ah these are BEAUTIFUL! I recently bought some embroidery hoops for crafts actually, and I think you've just inspired me what to make! Love them! xx

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. I had no idea that these were so simple to make, I would love to have a go myself.

  10. We did some floral hoops tutorial last Christmas and it was lovely, I do love how yours turned out, so gorgeous.

  11. Oh my goodness, this is SO beautiful! I may have to give one a go!

  12. Hobbycraft is my favourite shop, I could live in there! These hoops are beautiful, youndid anfab job. Hooray for Pinterest!xx

  13. I am the worst at DIY and I've never been to a hobbycraft but your hoop looks amazing! I might do this with the Mini's over Easter xo

  14. Clearly you have a real talent here. What a fab result from a hobby, I love this. Very pretty xx

  15. It's so pretty! I'm rubbish at craft but I am trying so the kids can join in too!

  16. I really love these! I would look at all these components and never be able to think outside the box or make something beautiful like you have.


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