Saturday 29 August 2015

BABY STYLE: A week of outfits #8

Where has August gone?! It's not been particularly warm this week, so there's be a lot of layering, tights and August. This has got me excited for autumn, not only for Isabella's wardrobe but for mine too. Despite only just moving into 3-6 month clothes Isabella is already growing out of somethings. I can't believe it, we might be in 6-9 months sooner than I thought. 

 Day 1
Floral long-sleeved top - F&F Clothing - £9 for 3 pack
Heart vest - Primark - £3.50 for 7 pack in the sale
Floral bib - F&F Clothing - similar here

Day 2
Floral long sleeved top and navy leggings set - Marks and Spencers -similar here
White vest - TU Sainsburys - £6.50 for 5 pack 

Day 3
Green floral dress - Next - £4.50 in the recent sale
Cream cardigan - Primark - £4

Day 4
Pink dress - Next - gift
Cream cardigan - Primark - £4
White socks - F&F Clothing - £3 for 2 pack

Day 5
Red stripy dress - JoJo Maman Bebe -similar here
Navy tights - Aldi - £2 for 2 in the Baby and Toddler Event

Which is your favourite outfit this week?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x 
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  1. I love love the purple coloured leggings! Outfit 1 is my favourite. But I also like outfit 2. Very cute :)

  2. Oh my gosh all the florals are beautiful! I have to say I love the striped dress the best ... I'm a sucker for stripes! I can't believe the weather either, it's been all trousers and leggings here too :(

  3. We have been doing the dresses and tights combo this week too, this weather is rubbish isn't it! Love your outfit choices, some lovely Autumnal colours, I'm looking forward to the next season too, new outfits to wear!


  4. Forgot to add #WhatMyBabyWore to that comment too!

  5. I always look forward to your baby style posts! She looks adorable as per usual and her outfits are always lovely. My favourite is day 5 outfit, the pink dress is so nice and goes really well with the navy blue. The floral bib is great and really makes the outfit stand out even more. Have a great weekend #Weekendministyle

    Lauren x

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  7. What gorgeous little outfits! I love how beautiful girls clothes are - Squidge has some really nice clothes, but girls clothes are so much prettier ;)


  8. I love your posts each week! I swear that Isabella has the cutest little wardrobe ever! I love day two - that top is gorgeous! Hope you have a good weekend xx

  9. I am loving all of the floral! Floral outfits are my favourite. She is absolutely gorgeous. xx
    Steph |

  10. You pick such a gorgeous array of colours for your outfits! It's so easy to just dress a beautiful little baby girl in Pink so it's so nice to see all the different colours. Such lovely outfits. I like literally everything you dress her in! I think days 1 and 2 are my faves this week. With day 2 winning slightly. The print on the little top is so sweet and looks so good with the leggings! Thanks so much for linking up with us again and hope you had a great bank holiday weekend lovey :) x #weekendministyle

  11. So cute! And what adorable dresses, such a stylish little baby :) I love that stripey dress the most out of all these ones, it looks really cute and quite preppy.

  12. Gorgeous outfits as always, so many pretty little dresses!
    I can't believe how quickly Isabella is growing, with Aria growing so slowly it surprises me to watch babies grow at a normal pace haha!

  13. Shes such a little cutie - i love day 5! That stripy dress is gorgeous!


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