Saturday 30 January 2016

BABY STYLE: A week of outfits #28

This week we dropped off the paperwork at what will be Isabella's nursery, which felt like such a big moment. I'm looking forward to Isabella interacting with other children regularly and getting all the new experiences at nursery, but I don't want to leave her. It feels more real now and though she won't be starting nursery for a couple of months I'm already very emotional about it all, many tears have been shed. Just one of those parenting struggles I guess. Other than that we've had a good week, my husband was off for a day so we went for lunch and finally put some curtains up in Isabella's bedroom!

Day 1

Navy cord dress - JoJo Maman Bebe - £18
Spotty tights - Mothercare - £9 for 3 pack

Day 2
Pink dress - Primark - £6 for 2 pack
Blue floral bib - Abergavenny market - £4
Navy tights - Aldi - £3 for 2 pack  
Pink spotty vest - Marks and Spencers - £5 for 7 pack in the sale

Day 3
Purple knitted cardigan - JoJo Maman Bebe - similar here
Jeggings - Primark - part of set
Purple and gold dotty long-sleeved top - Mini Club at Boots - £3 for 2 pack in the sale

Day 4
Star dress - H&M - £2
White cardigan - Next - similar here
Navy tights - Primark - part of set
Bib - Marks and Spencers - £6 for 3 pack
Stripy vest - GAP - similar here 

Day 5
I love Daddy top - TU at Sainsburys - similar here
Lilac cardigan - Marks and Spencers - gift
Pink frilly socks - Nutmeg at Morrisons - £3 for 3 pack
Dotty bib - Marks and Spencers - £6 for 3 pack

Do you have any tips for making the nursery transition easier?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
This Mama Life


  1. Great to see Daddy included in the outfits :) Good luck with the nursery :) #weekendtotstyle

  2. Starting nursery is such a BIG step but such a great way for kids to interact and respect with their peers. Lovely outfits. Thank you for sharing and joining us over at #WeekendTotStyle

  3. Oh bless you. Nursery seems like a super big step but I promise she'll love it and it'll do her the world of good. I struggle to get Little I to come home some days (she's full time), so try not to worry too much :) Day 2 and day 4 are my faves (even though I like them all!). The bright colour of the dress in outfit 2 is fab and I love the stars, cardi and bib combo of outfit 4. Fab outfits petal! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you're having a great weekend! #weekendtotstyle

  4. The waiting list for Jenson's nursery is 18 months long (!) so we put him on the list when he was a couple of months old to start when he's two. We can't really afford it and are both going to work at different times so one of us is always available until the free hours kick in. Luke would like him to start a bit earlier though, by which time the nursery should be up and running next door to my office, so I'll see what the staff discount is and maybe we'll try that for a bit first. Hopefully that'll make the transition easier... I hope you guys get through it ok :)

  5. Gorgeous outfits! Like Emma, our nursery is on a 15 months waiting list so I wish we knew about that whilst pregnant rather than now! I hope that it all goes well and you're enjoying your bonding time before she starts nursery.

    Paula ♥ | xo

  6. I love all of the outfits as per usual buy my favourites are day 2 and 5. The I love daddy top is so cute. Joey goes to nursery part time, he likes it but still gets upset when we drop him off and he's been going for 3 months.

  7. AHH what adorable super girly outfits, i adore the floral bib, and day 4. What a lovely little girl. Aww sorry to see your finding it hard with nursery. We are upcoming that soon ourselves. Wish us luck and i hope things improve. x

    1. Thank you and good luck - really hope it all goes well for you too! :)

      Helen x

  8. Aww such lovely outfits. Love them. Love the I love daddy t-shirt and the star dress! #weekendtotstyle


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