Wednesday 20 July 2016

DITL: Conkers, family day and rare DVD time together

I have another 'day in the life' style post for you today - this day involved making breakfast together, having some very rare DVD time together and a family day out at Conkers. On the weekend we usually try to have one day sorting stuff out at home/going food shopping/not going too far from home and the other day we'll do something fun as a family, which may involve travelling a bit further away. It's always hard to try and get the balance right between jobs that need doing around the house and having quality family time, we're constantly trying perfecting this.

7.45am - We all woke up and headed straight downstairs for breakfast. We used to bring Isabella into or bed when she woke up in the morning for a feed and cuddles, but she won't sit still for long enough now so we go downstairs straightaway. Breakfast this morning was banana croissants, with the addition of chocolate spread for us adults!
8am - We used the Jus-Rol Croissants that can buy from the fridge section in supermarkets. Once the can is opened you cut the dough into triangles, roll it up and easy. We added a small chunk of banana to the widest part of the triangle for Isabella and spread the inside with chocolate spread for ours. We made them together, so it was a lovely morning activity for Isabella to get involved in too (despite her constantly trying to eat the raw dough!)
9am - After breakfast and a quick tidy/clean of the kitchen we cleared all of the toys out of Isabella's tipi and filled it with cushions. The quickest way to make a den or a cosy corner for reading!
9.15am - We all snuggled up to watch Room on the Broom. We don't let Isabella watch cartoons, but she had given this DVD to her Daddy for Father's Day because it's his favourite book to read to her. So we made an exception and all sat and watched it together, well about 10 minutes of it before Isabella got bored and wandered off!
10.30am - After getting dressed we headed off to Conkers in Derbyshire, which is a huge activity centre set in the heart of the National Forest. There is so much space for little ones to run around, plenty of activity trials, a sensory walk, barefoot walk (pictured below) and indoor soft play. It was our first visit there and we can't wait to return! Isabella loved having so much space to run around, picking up almost every single stone/pebble she saw and going on the train.
2pm - We hunted around for a quiet picnic spot, which wasn't too difficult as the place is so vast. We filled ourselves up with French stick, dips, homemade sausage rolls (vegetarian ones for me), virgin mojito, millionaire bites and fresh fruit. I love picnics so much!
3.30pm - After a last trip on the free train that takes you from one side of Conkers to the other and a quick explore inside we headed home. Isabella was so tired from all of the running around that she fell asleep in the car, which is unheard of nowadays unless it's her nap time. Once we were home we gave Isabella her dinner and did the whole bath, bottle, bed routine. We were exhausted too, so an evening of watching Homeland (the latest series we've started) was perfect.

Have you been to Conkers before?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day :)

  2. I love the sound of those just roll croissants and I have heard of conkers. It is a long way from us in Cornwall so I've not visited but those who have have shared with me at Country Kids so I've seen a bit of it over the years and it does look like a perfect family day out and a great way to enjoy some fresh air. Popping by today from #TwinklyTuesday

  3. OOoo this looks like a lovely day and I didn't realise Room on the Broom was available on DVD,...must buy it as Zach loves the book! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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