Monday 22 October 2018

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I think it's finally time to share our kitchen renovation that was actually due to be finished on the day Isabella was born, well over three years ago. We worked on creating our dream kitchen for 12 months in total, with the large distraction of our daughters birth in the middle of that. It's fair to say its been a slow process but there has been many challenges we've had to overcome, such as wonky walls and floors, damp, a wall that needed more support etc. In fact the problems have been endless and reoccuring but that's the joy of an old house! 

When we took up the floor tiles we noticed the floor was completely wonky, so that had to be levelled and tiled again (and again and again because the tiles kept breaking). There is a chimney breast on the back wall, so the previous owners had filled the two alcoves to create a straight wall for kitchen units. We had to clear the alcoves out, rebuild part of the wall and level everything up. The plasterboards we had put up then got damp and had to be changed for ones that can withstand damp. The window cills had to be rebuilt, holes filled in, holes made in the wall for the sink/dishwasher. The ceiling had textured paint on from the previous owner, so we had to take the whole ceiling down and have it plasterboarded. After which we had to have an electricitian put more lights/sockets in around the kitchen. In short - there's been a lot to do, consquently taking so much time. It's been a long, educational and fun journey. We're still not finished (more painting needed, new radiator, new dining room table etc.) but it now looks like a kitchen and I couldn't be happier! 

The kitchen units are from IKEA and are called METOD/BODBYN. The price of the kitchen was very reasonable but they charged almost the same again for fitting, so we decided to do it ourselves. This took a long time and isn't for the faint hearted. Putting together the units was easy (standard IKEA flat pack) but everything else wasn't - levelling everything up, cutting the wooden worktops to size, fitting the dishwasher and sink, securing wall units etc. 

We didn't want an IKEA wooden worktop for the kitchen island because wooden surfaces are hard to look after - it stains easily, you can't let any water sit on it as it marks quickly. We looked around for a more durable surfaces and settled on Nocturno Quartz from Granite Earth.

The blue moroccan style tiles are called Vintage Azul Tiles 33x33cm - we bought them from a local shop but you can buy them from here. I am absolutely in love with these tiles. We did contemplate having them around the whole kitchen but there would have been too many cuts to fit around the odd shapes in the kitchen.

It took us ages to decide on a wall colour but after many tester pots and deliberation we settled on Wickes Durable Paint in Putty. We are so happy with how it keeps the kitchen light and airy, as well as complimenting the kitchen units and tiles.
Kitchen cabinets - BODBYN grey cabinets from IKEA
Black island worktop - Nocturno Quartz from Granite Earth
White tiles - Retro Metro White Gloss Wall Tiles aren't available anymore but these are similar 
Moroccan tiles behind oven - Vintage Faenza Azul tiles
Sink - DOMSJO Double Bowl Sink doesn't seem to be available anymore, but the HAVSEN is similar 
Knobs and Handles - have now been discontinued but HISHULT range is similar

What are your 'must have' features in a kitchen?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. Now this is one amazing kitchen renovation, when we did ours it took us such a long time to complete but you had a better reason than us. Love the table in the kitchen plus the new cabinets.

  2. Wow what a stunning transformation, it's hardly recognisable from the before pictures. Well done for persevering and doing the work yourself, hopefully now you get to put your feet up and enjoy it!

  3. Wow it looks fantastic. Well done overcoming all the unplanned hidden hurdles and managing to have a new born in the midst of it all!!

  4. Wow! Certainly a labour of love but it looks amazing now it is finished. I'd love a kitchen island... one day!

  5. Wow, what a transformation! We will need to renovate our kitchen at some point, once our finances have recovered a little from actually buying our flat.

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous kitchen and such a transformation! Definitely worth the time and effort that has gone in x

  7. What an amazing transformation, and oh it looks SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the colour of the cupboards, and the backsplash is gorgeous!

  8. I absolutely love your new kitchen - I often dream of having one from Ikea - yours looks amazing. Kaz

  9. We will completely renovate our kitchen in the New Year, and it's so lovely to get some inspiration. I am in love with the tiles, they are so beautiful! Enjoy your lovely new space! :)

  10. your kitchen looks absolutely great. well done on over coming the non-flat floor and building the units. We are planning a kitchen renovation in 2019 - ours is tiny though. Enjoy your new kitchen. love Bec :-)

  11. What a tremendous transformation. Well done to you guys, the delay was worth it. At first, I looked at the top picture and thought the kitchen looked okay... and then I saw the bottom photo, just wow xx

  12. Oh wow, what an amazing kitchen space you have. You're very lucky, it looks wonderful. Mich x

  13. Your new kitchen looks amazing! We are about to embark on our new kitchen journey and I am absolutely dreading it! x

  14. Oh wow loving your transformation, looks fantastic!! Really streamline and stylish and also loving the floor tiles. Hard work but totally worth it

    Laura x

  15. Oh wow! You're new kitchen looks amazing, I love the grey cabinets and island. A new kitchen is the last major job to do in our house and I'm putting it off. We've got an old house too and you just never know what you'll find when you start major work do you!

  16. That looks like really hard work, but the result looks stunning! :) xx

  17. The kitchen island is really beautiful, a focal point in the kitchen and the color of the cabinets is also beautiful, such a nice grey shade, not just the classic white/dark cabinets. Great work.

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