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CHRISTMAS: Gift Guide for Children 2019

CHRISTMAS: Gift Guide for Children 2019*Advertorial Content - Gifted Items
When it comes to present shopping for children I always find it exciting yet overwhelming. The choices out there are vast, not to mention the adverts on television/ billboards/ magazines showing children the latest toys on the market and then there's all of the beautifully crafted gifts smaller businesses have to offer too. Christmas is all about the magic for children, them excitedly writing their wishlists, sending them off to Father Christmas, then counting down to the big day with so much anticipation. This is the second year Isabella has been able to express what she's hoping for at Christmas, which really does add to the magic when dreams come true on Christmas morning. If you're also shopping for children this year then I hope that this Gift Guide will help and inspire your present shopping, as I've put together some of my favourite gift ideas for children this year. There is a mixture from high street stores, online websites and small businesses, so however you like to shop for Christmas hopefully there's something that catches your eye. 

Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set from Smyths Toys (£14.99) - Aquabeads now have such an exciting range of sets available, which enable your little one to make almost anything they could ever want to. If you're not familiar with Aquabeads then they are little coloured beads that you arrange in a tray to create the figure of your choice, spray with water, leave to set and in no time at all your figure is set hard and ready to be brought to life. It really is that simple; there's no ironing or batteries required either. This Magical Unicorn Set contains over 2000 beads in 14 different colours, as well as a bead storage case with lid, one layout tray, a sprayer, joint parts to clip the wings onto the unicorns and template sheets with play mat design on the back. To finish it all off there is also a display stand, so that your child can proudly show off their creations.
Gaucho Grande Off-Road Vehicle from Peg Perego (£550) - A gift to truly make all childhood dreams come true...the Gaucho Grande. Peg Perego have a impressive range of off-road and farm vehicles aimed at children, so that they can go on adventures, have fun and most of all feel 'grown up'. But don't think that these ride-on toys are in anyway lacking the 'mod-cons' you'd expect to find in a car of your own. Inside the Gaucho Grande you'll find an FM radio, MP3 jack, horn, adjustable rear-view mirror, two glove compartments, toy key, meshed windscreen, front bumper, fog lights, robust roll bar, adjustable seats/seatbelts, shock absorbers, tool kit, two forward gears, one reverse gear, accelerator and brake in single pedal and a rechargeable battery with charger included. This two-seater off-roaser is designed for three years plus, coming with a perhaps surprisingly quick 12V/12Ah rechargeable battery that powers two 240W engines (there's no hanging around when the accelerator is pressed!). It can go wherever your child wants to go - sand, road, grass, dirt tracks etc. - and can even overcome a 17% slopes with ease. One for the adventurers or a real treat for siblings to enjoy together. 
Emergency Services HQ from Hape (£90) - Let your child's imagination take over with this police and fire brigade emergency headquarters, equipped with roads and railways to get to where the help is needed. It is really quick and simple to set up, which means that children can get playing as soon as possible. Inside the box you'll find: one generous sized station building, one opening bridge, one pylon bridge, a fire engine, a police car, three figurines, two-carriage freight train, fourteen road tracks and ten wooden rail tracks. There are so many different aspects to interact with, which keeps children entertained for longer. It's also ideal for siblings to play with together because it can be played with from all angles.
 Blooming Flower Shop from Sylvanian Families (£29.99) - Sylvanian Families are such a nostalgic childhood toy for so many of us; I remember spending hours playing with them when I was younger. It is so magical that they are still around today and the worlds that can be created now are even more elaborate. They have a building or set for every occasion, including this beautiful Blooming Flower Shop. The grand shop has everything needed to create a stunning range of flower displays from bouquets to boxes of colourful flowers. There's also a checkout desk, so that children can role play shops with their own collection of Sylvanian figures. As with all of the Sylvanian Families buildings they are easy to set-up, interchange/attach to other buildings you may already have and include all of the little details that make them extra special. 
Melissa & Doug Let's Play House: Dust, Sweep & Mop (£29.99) from BrightMinds - Cleaning may not be our favourite activity as adults, but children love nothing more than feeling 'grown up' and 'helping' around the house. This six piece set includes a wooden broom, mop, duster, dust pan and hand brush, all of which hang compactly on the wooden stand. Everything a child needs to keep their home clean and all perfectly sized for little hands too. BrightMinds have an impressive range of Melissa & Doug toys and games, if you're also a big fan of high quality wooden toys that are built to last. 
3 Piece Storage Set in Pink Roses from Minene (£50 - use code 'HJLxmas15' for 15% off everything except sale) - Minene is the home of beautiful storage solutions that are suitable for every room in your house and help to keep things that bit tidier. They have an impressive range of fabric storage baskets and boxes in a wide variety of designs, from stars to flowers to chevrons to polka dots. You can choose from over twenty colours and sizes, so they can coordinate with wherever the storage is needed. Minene do single baskets and boxes, but if you're in need of lots of storage then their 3 Piece Storage Sets (available in grey with white stars, grey chevron, navy with white stars and pink roses) are ideal because it has a large basket, small basket and box. As you can see the larger basket is such a generous size, so is perfect for filling with cuddly toys, dressing up clothes and other larger toys. We have a couple of their small boxes because they are so versatile; you can fill them with bibs or socks when babies then move onto pants/vests or the little toys that need a lid over them to help make the room look tidy. 
Lil' Scent Mega Stationary Gift Box from Smiggle (£28.00) - Colouring and drawing are two activities that children love to do at all ages, whether it be initial mark making to intricate pictures. Smiggle is the home of all things stationary with their fun, bright and colourful designs. This Lil' Scent Mega Stationary Gift Box is filled with all the pens, pencils, stickers and markers any child could ever wish for. Inside the box you'll find: 8 coloured markers, 8 coloured pens with crazy critter scented toppers, 4 pencils, 4 character rubbers, 1 rainbow pen with scented character top, 6 gel pens, 6 scented colouring sheets and 1 pencil sharpener. 
 Jodhpur Boots in Toffee from Bobux (from £45) - Warm, comfortable and supportive footwear is a must for children over the winter months, which is exactly what these Jodhpur Boots from Bobux are. Their unisex design is available in ten different colours, including navy, red, black, silver shimmer, navy shimmer, plum and charcoal shimmer. The heritage design made with luxurious leather makes these boots perfect for all outfits and occasions, while the zip closure allows children to get them on and off themselves. They also have a hardwearing TPR sole for growing feet and come in sizes ranging from EU 22 to 33. I would say that Bobux shoes/boots do come up on bigger, so it's worth bearing that in mind when ordering. Luckily, they have a 'Find your perfect fit' app to help you decide which size shoe/boot your child needs all with the use of one photo!
Pictory (£12.99) from BrightMinds - As a young girl I remember spending hours enjoying writing endless little story books for family members; if you have a child who likes doing the same then Pictory is the most perfect for them. It allows children to write their own 12 page story and then illustrate it using the felt tips provided. But even better than just that you can then send it off in the pre-paid envelope provided and then within 30 days they'll receive a wire-bound typeset book. A book that they can treasure forever and make them feel really proud of their creation. Giving children recognition for their hard work, especially when it supports their education, is so important and Pictory is the most special way to do this.  
1.2.3 Zoo from Playmobil (£34.99) - Playmobil is also such a classic toy from childhood, which has truly stood the test of time. Their 1.2.3 range is designed for 18 months plus, so the perfect gift for a toddler as the pieces aren't too small. The 1.2.3 Zoo is a new release for this year and contains a monkey enclosure with swing, cave shelter and penguin enclosure with slide. It's clever how they have included the two different animal enclosures within this set, allowing younger children to start learning about both monkeys and penguins. It's also a brilliant beginners Playmobil set if the child you are giving it to doesn't have a collection yet because everything they need to enjoy playing with it is included. You get a variety of people, animals, food, accessories and the larger rock/cave structure. There is no need for any other additional figures or accessories if you don't have them. 
Higher Ground Little Twirler Dress (£33), Higher Ground Sherpa Scarf (£19), Higher Ground Blanket (£35), Rose Rib Long Sleeved Tee (£15) and Star Gazer Run Free Dress (£30) from Little Green Radicals - Little Green Radicals offers a combination of fun, colourful patterns and practical designs with organic and Fairtrade cotton. Every season they bring out a whole new range of beautiful clothing for both babies and children, from dresses to leggings to babygrows and pyjamas. Their clothes really are built to last, which I can personally vouch for as Isabella had a couple of their dresses when she was one years old and they still look brand new 3.5 years later! The Little Green Radicals a/w '19 Collection is based around 'Mountains of Adventure' with encouraging children to embrace the outdoors at the heart of it. The Higher Ground hot air balloon range is available in a wide array of clothing pieces, including Isabella's Sherpa Scarf, Blanket and Poppy's magical Twirler Dress. The long sleeves make it perfect for wearing during the colder months, while the bow at the back makes it smart enough for special occasions too. Isabella is wearing the Star Gazer Run Free Dress with the Rose Rib Long Sleeved Tee underneath for an extra layer. I really like that this dress can see children through winter with a long sleeved top underneath and then into summer on its own, not to mention the delicate yet mystical pattern of people staring up at the starry nights sky. It is really worth checking out the rest of their a/w '19 collection because it is truly beautiful and they've also brought out a magical festival collection too.   
Travel Snakes and Ladders from Rex London (£6.95) - Travelling around with children can be a bit of a challenge at times, especially if it's a long car journey or if you're braving an aeroplane to go on holiday. Keeping them entertained is vital for everyone's happiness, which is where this Travel Snakes and Ladders makes the perfect gift. Whether you're planning a holiday next year, make a lot of longer car journeys on a regular basis or just want to introduce your child/ren to the classic game then this affordable set is just what is needed. Inside the tin container you'll find a fold-out snakes and ladders board, four magnetic counters in different colours and a dice, all of which are small but certainly not fiddly. 
Deja Vu Flashy Clock from Smiggle (£20) - This digital clock has many clever functions that will keep slightly older children entertained as well as educated. It displays the digital time, is an alarm clock, shows the digital temperature, has a timer and calendar with month and day. There is also a chance to change it's colour and light up the screen, so that it can be seen at night. A fun gift for any child who is learning to tell the time with the digital clock, wants more independence with the alarm clock and/or likes cooking with the timer. The Deja Vu Flashy Clock is also available in black, pink or mid-blue. 

Personalised Football Boot Bag from So Close Studio (£13.95) - Personalised gifts are always that extra bit special and show that extra level of thought, which is just one of the reasons why I love what So Close Studio have to offer in the gift world. Their range of planters, bags, mugs, pencil cases, pouches etc. can all be personalised to make present giving at any time of year easy. A lot of children are football obsessed, whether it be kicking a ball around the garden or local park or playing for a team. If you know someone like this then giving them a personalised football boot bag this Christmas will not only put a smile on their face, but also make life easier for the parents too. Once children are able to read or recognise their own name they love having it on anything and everything that is there's; while also making it quicker to find at the end of training practice or at school. 
Cardboard Learn to Stitch Activity from Rex London (£6.95) - A rainy day activity that helps children to develop their fine motor skills, while learning a life skill at the same time. There are also no needles needed in this stitching activity making it suitable for children three years plus. In the box you'll find a bright and colourful range of cardboard images with pre-punched holes, so that they are ready to have the provided chunky string threaded through. It's a fun activity to take on long car journeys, on holiday, to restaurants or just enjoy at home when some quiet screen-free time is needed.
Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set from BrightMinds (£29.99) - As soon as Isabella started school she loved playing schools with Poppy as her student, which is very much like history repeating itself as I used to play schools with my little brother! This 149 piece set has everything children need to play schools at home or on-the-go, due to the sturdy tri-fold design and carry handle that makes the set easy to transport around. They'll find mark books, stickers, hall passes, a clock, bell, wipe-clean whiteboard, pointing hand, crayons, calendar, double-sided maps and certificates to name a few. The role play aspect to the Pretend and Play School Set helps to develop children's social skills, as well as practice the skills they are learning at school.
Far Away Interchangeable Strap Watch from Smiggle (£18.00) - Learning to tell the time is such a tricky skill, so giving children the opportunity to practice as much as possible can really help them. Smiggle has a wide range of watches, both digital and analogue, in fun designs. The Far Away Interchangeable Strap Watch is an analogue watch in pastel colours that comes with two additional straps. Children can swap and choose the strap they want to wear each day, while learning a vital life skill. 

It can be tricky to find more unique ideas as there are so many present ideas on the market for children, but these are my top picks for children's Christmas gifts this year and I hope you now feel inspired. I have also put together a range of other gift guides aimed at the whole family, including the adorable babies in your life, stocking fillers that are £10 and under for children and those all important parents or parents-to-be.

What are the children in your life asking for this Christmas?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

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    Aqua beads are a huge hit in our house!

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